Saturday, 29 March 2014

CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark Fucks Chris Harder!


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Gabriel Clark brutally fucks Chris Harder at CockyBoys added on 03/28/14

Chris Harder was excited to meet Gabriel Clark for the first time. Though Chris has already worked extensively with Jake Jaxson on Answered Prayers, he said he never truly felt like a CockyBoy until he was about to get fucked by Gabriel — or as Chris calls it, “get Clark’d.” It’s somewhat of a rite of passage at CockyBoys to “get Clark’d” at CockyBoys, and it’s a different experience each time for Gabriel.

Gabriel said right upfront that Chris was exactly his type. He couldn’t wait to look deeply into Chris’ blue eyes and pound him, watching his face morph and change — and Chris is very expressive thanks to a lengthy background in theater. The two started by swapping blowjobs, and you could tell Chris was eager to be sucking Gabriel’s dick. Then Chris bent down on all fours and took Gabriel’s cock like a champ.

Gabriel really loved drilling Chris — the two were completely covered in sweat by the time they neared the point of no return. And after Chris got fucked hard up against a window, the two finally released their loads in a perfect 69 position. Perhaps the thing both Chris and Gabriel have in common the most is their love for cum! And there’s nothing hotter than giving AND receiving a facial at the same time!
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